His Holiness, Maula Ali (AS)

Why His Holiness, Maula Ali (AS) is
the Best, and Highest, in Creation

Hazrat Ali (Alaihis Salam, AS, Peach be upon Him), is a name of special and sterling significance in the history of Islam. Many extremely important incidents are attributed to him and about him. The unparalleled sacrifices made by Maula Ali e Murtaza (AS) and his Ahle Bayet is the price that has been paid (and is still being paid) for the establishment of Islam as the greatest and last religion of Allah in the World today.  May I mention below the uniquely important and significant events attributed to Hazrat Ali, Maula Mushkilkusha (AS) :

1. Hazrat Ali (AS), a direct descendent of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) is the only person known in history who was born inside the House of the Kaaba itself. If you believe in a Living Allah who has control over all things, this matter is of supreme importance.

2. Hazrat Ali (AS) is the first male person to have accepted Islam.

3. Hazrat Ali (AS) belonged to the Prophet’s (pbuh) family being his first cousin and having the same paternal grandfather. He was also officially chosen as the Prophet’s (pbuh) ‘Partner Brother’ when the Prophet (pbuh) paired every Muhajir with another Ansar in Medina after Hijrat.

4. Hazrat Ali (AS) married the only surviving daughter of the Prophet (pbuh), and is the Leader of the Progeny of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) known as the Ahl e Bayet who still live today.

5.Hazrat Ali (AS) stayed behind in Mecca on the night that the Prophet (pbuh) performed Hijrat and slept in the Prophet’s (pbuh) bed to deceive the enemy and took the risk of his life.

6. Hazrat Ali (AS) was the standard-bearer of the Islamic Army in the Battle of Badr which was of special significance.

7. Hazrat Ali (AS) was the victor of Al-Qamus Fort during the Khaybar Battle where he single-handedly removed the door of the fortress and captured the fortress. A famous Hadees is associated with this where the Prophet (pbuh) foretold of the conquest of Khaybar Fortress when he handed the standard-flag to Hazrat Ali (AS) to take charge of the operation, when previously two other attempts by Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) and Hazrat Umer (RA) had failed. Hazrat Ali (AS) was bestowed with the title of ‘Lion of Allah’.

8. Hazrat Ali (AS) is the only person along with the Prophet (pbuh) who struck down and removed all deities and idols from the House of Kaaba on the day of ‘Conquest of Mecca’.

9. Hazrat Ali (AS) is the only person known to us, other than the children of Hazrat Ali (AS) who climbed on to the shoulder of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). He destroyed the idols in the higher parts of the House of Kaaba standing on the shoulder of the Prophet (pbuh).

10. Hazrat Ali (AS) is referred to as the ‘Gate’ to the ‘City of Knowledge’, the ‘City of Knowledge’ being the Prophet (pbuh) himself.

11. Hazrat Ali (AS) was included as one of the Ahle Bayet at the event of ‘Mubahela’ referred to in the Quran. His other wives were present during this time when this event took place but was not included as a member of the Ahle Bayet.

12. The ‘Treaty of Hudaibiyah’ was drafted and written by Hazrat Ali (AS) which was sealed by the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

13. Hazrat Ali (AS) was the standard-bearer of the ‘ Conquest of Mecca ’.

14. Hazrat Ali (AS) was conferred the title of ‘Maula’ at the historical place of Khadir e Khum where the Prophet (pbuh) proclaimed, ‘Whomsoever’s Master (Maula) that I am, Ali (AS) is also his Master (Maula).’ This declaration effectively put Hazrat Ali (AS) over all others in Creation.

15. Hazrat Ali (AS) performed the last rites of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) including the last ritual bathing not participated by anyone else outside the family.

16. Hazrat Ali (AS) was Amirul Momineen of the Islamic Ummah.

17. Hazrat Ali (AS) first opened his eyes when he looked at the Prophet (pbuh), and he was struck down in the position of Sizda (prostration).

18. There are numerous Hadith that refer to the closeness of Hazrat Ali (AS) to the Prophet (pbuh), and his future Spiritual Leadership after the demise of the Prophet (pbuh) as per the Quran and the Prophet’s will (pbuh) . As per an important Hadith, the Prophet (pbuh) is said to have declared, ” Ali is of me and I am of him. He is the ‘Wali’ (guide) of every believer after I am gone.” 

19. Hazrat Ali (AS) is the father of Hazrat Hasan (AS) and Hazrat Husain (AS), both of whom gave their lives for the protection and establishment of the religion of Islam. Hazrat Husain (AS) martyred himself in the Battle of Karbala along with 13 other members of the Ahl e Bayet family to keep Islam alive in the world. Muslims all over the world today observe the 10th day of Muharram as the Day of Martyrdom of Hazrat Husain (AS) and all the faithful Muslims declare firmly that ‘Islam is reborn after every Karbala’.