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Ahlul Bayt Conference

Ahlul Bayt Conference at SherPur

The annual  Ahlul Bayt conference  was held this year on 11th Shawal 1436 (27th July) at SherPur in West Bengal under the leadership and guidance of The current Sajjadanashin of SilSila-e-Quaderia Huzur Aqa o Moula Syed Shah Rashid Ali Al Quaderi (Barhe Huzur Pak Qibla ). Eminent scholars like Mufti Waliullah Quaderi and others presented their views . The goal of this conference is  spread the fundamental requirement of Islam , i.e. the love for Ahlul Bayt.  This event attracted lovers of Ahlul Bayt from all over the state.  By Our Maoula’s Sadka we inshaAllah hope to convene again next year.

Ahlul Bayt Conference

Conference underway.

Ahlul Bayt Conference

Moulana Waliullah Quaderi speaking @ Conference

Ahlul Bayt Conference.

Audience at the event.




From the archives of Qutub Khana at 22, Khanka Sharif Lane Masjid Pak we present for the first time , an absolute and rare
gem , a book written by our master Huzur Pur Noor Syed Shah Murshid Ali Al Quaderi Al Baghdadi (Mowla Pak)(AS) himself

Toghrah-e-Mehmood originally written in Persian by our master was translated to Urdu by Mohammad Abu Tahir Al Quaderi  more than a century ago.  It contains events from the life and times of his Murshed and father , our lord , Huzur Hazrat Syed Shah Mehr Ali Al Quaderi Al Baghdadi(Ala Huzur Pak)(AS)

Under the instruction of our master Huzur Syed Shah Rowaished Ali Al Quaderi , the book has been further edited to adapt to modern Urdu by Prof Abdus Subhan .   The book is now available for Hadiya at various stalls during the Urs Pak at Midnapore on 17th February.