From the archives of Qutub Khana at 22, Khanka Sharif Lane Masjid Pak we present for the first time , an absolute and rare
gem , a book written by our master Huzur Pur Noor Syed Shah Murshid Ali Al Quaderi Al Baghdadi (Mowla Pak)(AS) himself

Toghrah-e-Mehmood originally written in Persian by our master was translated to Urdu by Mohammad Abu Tahir Al Quaderi  more than a century ago.  It contains events from the life and times of his Murshed and father , our lord , Huzur Hazrat Syed Shah Mehr Ali Al Quaderi Al Baghdadi(Ala Huzur Pak)(AS)

Under the instruction of our master Huzur Syed Shah Rowaished Ali Al Quaderi , the book has been further edited to adapt to modern Urdu by Prof Abdus Subhan .   The book is now available for Hadiya at various stalls during the Urs Pak at Midnapore on 17th February.