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Ahlul Bayt Conference at SherPur

The annual  Ahlul Bayt conference  was held this year on 11th Shawal 1436 (27th July) at SherPur in West Bengal under the leadership and guidance of The current Sajjadanashin of SilSila-e-Quaderia Huzur Aqa o Moula Syed Shah Rashid Ali Al Quaderi (Barhe Huzur Pak Qibla ). Eminent scholars like Mufti Waliullah Quaderi and others presented their views […]

The Price of Rislat : The love for Ahle Bayt.

The Holy Month of Muharram has arrived, it is the time to reflect upon the greatest sacrifice that has been offered to uphold the truth . This month distinguishes the people who claim to love  the  Ahle Bayt from the ones who actually do .  There is  a treasure trove of evidence emphasizing the fundamental  […]